Organize and Win

How do you organize and win your union?​

You and your co-workers will work together to build a structure in your workplace called the Organizing Committee - no one does this alone! This is how we create strength and solidarity together to win!

How To Win

Build THE-U

The Union Organizing Committee is the heart of the union. We are strongest when we are together. Organizing your union is exciting and the day you win will be one of the proudest moments of your life.

Win your UnioN

The process to winning is signing up everyone on confidential cards (either electronically or paper cards), filing for the vote, then winning the vote!

Bargain Your Contract

Once we are certified as the union, we then start the negotiations process and democratically decide exactly what everyone wants to bargain for.

We will distribute bargaining surveys, elect the bargaining committee, vote on proposals and then start negotiations with the employer.


Together you are strong and powerful.


What Can We Win?

When you and your coworkers organize together, you will achieve great things. The CSN has set a high standard in Montreal and Quebec and we are bringing that standard to Toronto!

Guaranteed Raises

With the union, you will know what your raises will be for the duration of the contract. This allows you to plan your financial future.


Winning a pension means you know you can retire with a secure future.


Vacation entitlements are clearly laid out so you can enjoy your rest time away from work and recharge.


You can win amazing benefits, not just for yourself, but for your family as well!

Job Security - Hours

Management is not allowed to preform your tasks and take your hours

Workload Limits

When cleaning rooms we ensure that people are paid for their work by the hour, not be the room.

Overtime Policies

You will have a clear understanding of the overtime policy and what to expect.


Respect and a voice at work means you can speak up without fear of being disciplined or fired

Tip out policies

There will be a clean and transparent way of ensuring you are recieving the tips you deserve.

Need Help?


We are here to answer all your questions!


Organizing your union means you are protected.  Companies are not allowed to go after union leaders.  This is a law under the Ontario Labour Relation Board.  If we find out that a company is targeting our union leaders, we can file charges against the company.  This could potentially lead to the workers being automatically certified with the union!

The CSN also has a Professional Defence Fund that supports workers during an organization drive or who are facing a strike or lockout.

The CSN has set a very high standard in Montreal that we are bringing to Toronto.  You can see some examples of things we can win above.

Yes! We have leaders who are excited to see you win and would love to share their experience with you.

Reach out to us or an organizer in your hotel who is part of the organizing.

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Q. Where are room rates higher, Toronto or Montreal?
A. Toronto

Q. Where is the cost of living higher, Toronto or Montreal?
A. Toronto

Q. Where do hotel workers earn the least and have the worst working conditions, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver – the three largest Canadian hotel markets?
A. Toronto

Toronto wages are thousands of dollars/year less than Montreal!

  • Servers at the Royal York are 24% behind Montreal
  • Housekeeping is 11.5% behind
  • Bell is 27% behind
  • General Maintenance is 16.5% behind

Q. Why? What can we do about this?
A. It’s time to bring the CSN standard to Toronto