THEU-CSN is a strong union driven by hospitality workers in the GTA.

Our Story


The Toronto Hospitality Employees Union was born out of the need to create a strong union for the hospitality workers of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Working with the CSN and the high standards won in Quebec, we understood that the time was right to grow our own autonomous union, based right here in Toronto.  We wanted to work with the CSN but focus on our specific needs, hopes, and dreams, and run by the hospitality workers in Toronto.

Our union’s constitution and founding documents reflect these aims. THEU-CSN members are at the centre of the decision-making process. Everything we do flows from the decisions made by the membership. Our structures are both democratic and transparent. And our autonomy is guaranteed.


Organizing Your Workplace

Winning a union at your hotel can change your life, your family's lives and the lives of your co-workers and their families.


We will work with you to develop a strong union in your workplace so you and your coworkers can win the unprecedented CSN standards in your hotel.


Bargaining for your collective agreement involves being backed by a strong union.  We work with you and train you how to achieve this.


We create our union power by working together. No one does it alone!

The CSN has over 330,000 members across Canada with the best contracts in hotels in the country.


About the CSN

THEU is affiliated with the CSN (Confédération des syndicats nationaux / Confederation of National Trade Unions) – one of the largest trade union federations in Canada, with more than 330,000 members.

The CSN was founded more than 100 years ago. Its first major struggle was led by women working in the match-making industry in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, at a time when most unions were not interested in organizing women workers. 

Today, a hundred years later, the CSN is made up of nearly 1,600 unions. Today, the CSN provides a wide range of services and supports to more than 330,000 members across Canada.



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