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November 2022 Update

Front Desk wins and joins hosts for bargaining. Labour Board Update.


Royal York Front Desk Wins!

Wth 100% voting yes, the Front Desk join THEU-CSN


October 2022 Update

Front Desk Files for Vote, Hosts in Bargaining, Update on Labour Board Case


Royal York Workers

Our goal is to raise the standard at the Royal York by having everyone join us in THEU-CSN.

- The Hosts / Hostesses joined in May 2022
- The Front Desk joined in November 2022
- The other group of unchallenged votes had a majority vote yes in May 2022 and we expect the results of the challenged votes in early 2023

The Groups at Royal York

The two groups are dealing with separate issues, but have a common goal of bringing the CSN standard to Toronto

Hosts / Front Desk

Bargaining is happening together for both groups as of December 2022.

Large Group

The challenged voters are being addressed by the Labour Board and we believe we will have a decision in early 2023.

Royal York Big Group

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