Royal York Members

Time to navigate our
own course

Royal York workers and organizers share their thoughts on why it’s time to make a change.


Royal York Workers

Our goal is to raise the standard at the Royal York by having everyone join us in THEU-CSN.

- The Hosts / Hostesses joined in May 2022
- The Front Desk joined in November 2022
- The large group of unchallenged votes had a majority vote yes in May 2022 and we are waiting for the results from our labour board hearing to determine the outcome for the challenged ballots.

The Groups at Royal York

The two groups are dealing with separate issues, but have a common goal of bringing the CSN standard to Toronto

Hosts / Front Desk

Bargaining is happening together for both groups.  Our goal is to bring the Montreal CSN standard to Toronto Hospitality workers.

Large Group

The challenged voters are being addressed by the Labour Board and we will receive a decision to determine the outcome for the challenged ballots.